Woman wild swimming with just her head showing from the top lip up, as she looks directly into camera.



 Woman sat in a lilac dress at the top of West Bay cliffs amongst long grass.

 These sessions are all about embracing your inner Wildheart and owning it, revealing the pure essence of your natural soul!

I want to enable women to see their own beauty, no matter where you are at with your body, no matter what your size, no matter what your age!

The female form is breathtaking, with it’s ethereal softness and sensuality, yet it has a fierce and powerful strength.
Showing an honest and natural side of who you are, we will create beautiful portraits, using natural light, to celebrate this.

We can frolic around in tall grass fields, climb some rocks or paddle in the water as we adventure somewhere within the wilderness. 

You will leave the session feeling empowered, exhilarated, uplifted and carefree!

 Woman stood in an archway at Montacute House, wearing a long sequin dress.

 The Wildheart Sessions Pricing



Pre session consultation;

2 hour photo session;

Two outfits;

Private online gallery;

All images, presented on a USB; 

Six mounted fine art prints in a keepsake box;

Personalised mobile phone app of your gallery;

Facebook banner of your favourite images.



Pre session consultation;

2 hour photo session;

Two outifts;

Private online gallery;

10 digital downloads;

Complimentary matching prints;

Personalised mobile phone app of your gallery.



Pre session consultation;

2 hour photo session;

Two outfits;

Private online gallery;

Five digital downloads;

Complimentary matching prints.

 Portrait of a women sat taking a deep breath as she closes her eyes and the autumn evening sun bathes her face.

Want to share the EXPERIENCE with a friend or a group of friends?




£189 Per Person

Pre session consultation;

1.5-2 hour photo session for two individuals;

One outfit each;

Private online gallery;

Three digital downloads each;

Complimentary matching prints.


£149 Per Person

Pre session consultation;

3 hour photo session for up to eight individuals;

One outfit each;

Private online gallery;

Two digital downloads each;

Complimentary matching prints.

 Two women stood shoulder to shoulder, looking into the distance.
Women sat on the swing at Burrow Hill, Kingsbury Epicopi, wearing a satin floral dress as the winds gently blows her hair back.
Portrait of a woman stood on the hill of Burrow Mump, smiling straight into camera.
Woman stood in a field of poppies, wearing a white lace dress as it falls off her shoulder.
Close crop portrait of a woman stood in water whilst breathing in her surroundings as her hair blows in the wind.
Women stood on the edge of the weir looking down to the rippling water, wearing a mustard yellow dress
Two women sat back to back, both looking into camera smiling, at Tarr Steps.

After a rather tough year, a Wildheart Session with Danni was just what I needed! It made me feel empowered, more confident and captured my feeling of pride in myself, what I’ve gone through won’t break me, it will make me stronger than before.
— Laura | Yeovil

Woman stood in a white bikini with both hands raised to her as she looks into camera.
Woman stood looking straight into camera at Burrow Mump.
Two women sat shoulder to shoulder at Burrow Hill, Kingsbury Episcopi.
Woman wearing a champagne sequined dress, stood at the top of steps in the grounds of Montacute House.
 Woman walking along the beach at West Bay, looking out to sea as her skirt flows behind her in the gentle breeze
Portrait of a woman stood in dappled sunlight as it streams through the trees.
 Close up crop of a woman's chest from the chin down. Wearing a black bra with goosebumps across her skin.



Woman sat in a chair wearing a sequin dress as she brushes the hair back from her face.
Close crop of chest of postpartum mother who is undressed, breastfeeding her baby as a droplet of milk falls from the other breast.
Black and white image of a woman laying on the bed, with one arm above her head.
Close crop of pregnant woman craddling her bump, wearing white lace underwear and a mint green linen robe.
Woman leaning against the wall in a black bra as the light falls across one side of her, with the other half in shadows.
Woman laying amongst pillows on the bed, holding her bump as she looks out of the window.

I loved my Wildheart experience because Danni made me feel like I was beautiful and special. I felt like a princess for those two hours. I didn’t feel silly or pretentious, just very special. Danni made me feel like it was the most natural thing in the world to be doing a Wildheart photoshoot, and celebrating one another.
— Lucy | Horton

Close crop of pregnant women laying on the sofa with her husbands arm drapped around her baby bump as she holds his hand.
Cropped view from above of a pregnant mum laying on the bed, craddling her bump wearing blue pyjamas.
Woman leaning back against the bed as she sits on the floor in black underwear.
Woman stood smiling at she's looking out of the window through a curtain.
Pregnant woman sat at her dressing table as she smiles, craddling her bump.
Crop of pregnant woman from the chest to hips, craddling her bump with both hands.


Are you ready to embrace your wildheart?


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