Close up crop of mother's postpartum tummy, with the umbilical cord trailing up to newborn baby who is being craddled.




 Birth is by far one of the most defining, treasured and memorable life events that you will ever experience. An experience that deserves to be professionally documented through birth photography. An experience which I am passionate about recording in detail for you in all it's beautiful rawness, to tell your baby's birth story, be it your first, second, third, fourth. . .

Being a mum myself, I know all to well that birth can be an absolute blur. You will be so focused on bringing your baby into the world that there will be parts that you won't remember. By hiring a birth photographer you will have powerful images to look back on, helping you relive your journey and fill in the hazy blanks; the tenderness of your partner, the support of your birth team, the intensity in your face, the beauty of your strength, your first expression when you see your baby, and everything about that brand new bundle of joy in their first moments of life.

The Birth Story Session covers your entire birthing experience, providing you with a visual documentation of your labour, delivery and immediate postpartum moments. I will record this monumental occasion in a documentary style to tell your unique story, capturing all the magical moments as they unfold, for you to treasure for a lifetime.

 Close crop of a labouring mother leaning into the side of the birthing pool as a midwife applies counter pressure to the hips.

The Birth Sessions pricing




In person consultation;

1hr complimentary maternity session with three images included;

On call 24/7 from 38 weeks;

Full coverage of your birth story, including your labour, birth and up to two hours postpartum;

Private online gallery;

All images, presented on a USB;
Selection of complimentary prints;

Personalised mobile phone app of your gallery.

 Labouring mother on all fours as baby crowns. Midwife gently supporting the baby's head as fluid leaks out around baby.


Screen shot of example gift registry page, with maternity image and wording from the couple.

The arrival of a sweet new babe can be a costly time, therefore, as well as interest free payment plans, a gift registry option is available to help ease the financial side of things.

With a gift registry you can ask your loved ones to contribute towards your session cost so that you can have these memories to treasure forever.

Your gift registry can be personalised with a message and an image of your choice. All registries are password protected and can only be accessed by those who you share the password with.

 Midwife lifting baby up from the bed after completing newborn checks.
Labouring mother leaning onto her husband for support as he holds her through a contraction.
Mother laying in hospital bed, craddling newborn daughter as she shows her partner a picture on the phone.
Midwife with her hands holding baby either side as she carries out newborn health check.
The look of pure elation on mothers face as she sees her newborn for the first time.
Labouring mother on her knees, leaning into the back of the hospital bed as she works through a contraction.
Labouring mother sat resting in the hospital bed as her partner kisses the top of her head.

I cannot recommend or thank Danielle enough!
She was amazing and not only took some fabulous shots (that arrived today in the most beautifully presented box) but was a huge support to myself and my family on the day. It really felt like a bit of a party at times with everyone there!
Her work is talented, beautiful and unobtrusive. Thank you Danni for helping capture Eden’s first breaths and for showing me what I already knew - how amazing birth, the female body and babies truly are!
— Alex | Westbury-sub-Mendip

Newborn baby snuggled into the side of their mothers chest having skin to skin, amongst a tangle of wires.
Labouring mother leaning into the back of the hospital bed with her hands fisted together as she works through a contraction with her husband in the background.
Labouring mother napping as she's sat on the floor, leaning into the sofa, whilst her young toddler son sleeps next to her.
Newborn baby, swaddled in a blanket wearing a knitted hat, as they are cuddled by their father.
Labouring mother leaning into the side of the pool as the water provides some relief.
Midwife lifting newborn baby, with the umbilical cord around her neck, as they are born.
Newborn twins breastfeeding whilst having skin to skin as a midwife helps to reposition one of the babies.

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