Selfish Mother and Clemmie Telford at The FMLY Store | Bruton, Somerset

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to join Molly Gunn and her team to photograph their event with Clemmie Telford (AKA The mother of all Lists) at The FMLY Store in Bruton, Somerset. 

For those of you who may not know, Molly founded the Selfish Mother blogzine in 2013 for likeminded women to share their stories. Having launched with only 10 writers, Selfish Mother now has over 2K writers who share what they are really thinking about life and motherhood. You can read an article which I wrote back last year here. The Father Inc blogzine for the men has also since launched and they now have over 10K readers a day!

In July 2014 Molly created the original MOTHER Tee to support Women for Women UK, with the idea that selling clothes shouldn't just be about profit but also doing good! The #GoodTees brand has now grown with a huge social media following and the 'wear and share' philosophy. 

At present, every time an item is sold they donate £10 per adult item and £5 per child's item to charity. You can read more about their work on their charity page. As of February 2017 over £515K has been donated!!

In November 2016 The FMLY Store opened their bricks and mortar store in Bruton and have run a series of fantastic events in the past few months, including guest appearances from The Scummy Mummies, Anna Whitehouse (AKA Mother Pukka), Jenny Lewis, Clemmie Hooper (AKA Mother of Daughters), Zoë de Pass (AKA Dress Like a Mum), Pearl Lowe and Natalie Lee (AKA Style Me Sunday).

Yesterday was the turn of Clemmie Telford and what a morning it was! Clemmie took part in a fab Q&A session talking all things life, family, career, social media, suffering from anxiety, being true to yourself and touching on THAT newspaper article that wasn't overly positive about Clemmie and some of her fellow Instamums. 

Following on from that article and in support of #SOLIDARITY and helping each other out, The FMLY Store released the ace Solidarity #GoodTees top with £10 from each sell going to Home Start, a charity who help families with young children deal with whatever life throws at them. You can read more about their fantastic work here

And what better way to show our #SOLIDARITY and spread the word than with an awesome group shot! We're definitely stronger together!