Black and White Photography Inspiration

I’ve joined up with a number of other amazing professional photographers as part of the #collaborationnotcompetition project, organised by Nina Mace Photography.
Each month we will share a recent favourite image around a chosen theme, this month being BLACK AND WHITE.

I simply adore black and white images, there is something so effortless and timeless about them. For me, without the distraction of colour, a black and white image can really pull you in to the heart and soul of the photograph, the emotion almost engulfing you.

Recently I have been pulled towards a darker, grainer edit for my black and white images and I absolutely love the final result.

Black and white image of a woman, from the shoulders up, sat on the cliff at West Bay as she breathes in the sea air with her eyes closed.


The above image is from a recent Wildheart Session at the beautiful West Bay, Dorset. We had headed down there early one Sunday morning before it got too busy, literally only bumping into the odd dog walker as we made our way along the beach before hiking up the cliffs.

This is one of my favourites from the morning, you can really feel the sense of calm and peace. I also love the motion of the breeze blowing through her hair, it really adds to the image.

It was a really lovely session which I’m looking forward to sharing on the blog soon.

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