Jasper & Poppy's Birth Story | Cesarean Twin Birth | Yeovil Birth Photographer

It's hard to believe that it was exactly six months to the day that I joined Matt and Sarah at Yeovil District Hospital to document the delivery of their twins by cesarean section. 

On Thursday 20 July 2017 I arrived at the hospital just after 09:30am, Matt and Sarah were already settled into their room, both looking relaxed but excited to meet their newest additions to their family. 

Sarah's mum joined us all a little later and we sat chatting and giggling as the morning whizzed by. Some of these giggles may have been at poor Matt's expense, shall we just say that the scrubs he was given to change in to may have been a little snug! He was definitely a good sport though and it made for some ace photos!

Just after 11:20am the theatre team came to introduce themselves before leading Matt and Sarah off down the corridor. 

As I was unable to join them in theatre I sat chatting to Sarah's mum, excitedly awaiting the news of the twins safe arrival. Before we knew it, the proud parents were brought back to the ward, followed by their gorgeous twins, Jasper and Poppy. They were absolutely perfect and looked so adorable snuggled up next to each other in the hospital crib. 

Each baby had their newborn checks carefully carried out before being placed onto mummy for some skin to skin. With a bit of help from the midwife to navigate the tangle of wires, each baby nestled in beautifully to have their first feeds.

With everyone settled, it was time for me to leave and let them enjoy soaking up their precious new bundles. 

Thank you so much to both Matt and Sarah for inviting me to share such a special day with them and for also allowing me to share their birth story. Here are a few snippets from Jasper and Poppy's arrival.   

I had the pleasure of being invited over to join Matt and Sarah this morning to document Jasper and Poppy hitting six months and we got some adorable images, including this little sneak peek below! Happy half birthday you gorgeous pair! 

Six month old brother/sister twins laying on the bed heads side by side.

Danielle Reeder is a birth and family photographer based in South Petherton, specialising in birth photography across Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.

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