Florence's Birth Story | Taunton, Somerset

It was during a business coaching session last year that I first spoke about wanting to document births. I absolutely love the idea of recording such a momentous and special occasion, as a mama myself, I know how much of a blur it can be and that over time the little details slip away into the depths of your memory. 

So in October of last year I put out a request for any families to get in touch who would be willing to have their birth story documented. I was absolutely thrilled when I first spoke with Kate and Simon about potentially documenting the birth of their second child. We then met the following month at their home for an initial introduction to each other, chatted over tea and biscuits, making sure that primarily they felt comfortable with inviting me to share such a personal/special experience with them. Luckily they seemed to like me!

We kept in touch over the coming months and even managed to squeeze in a meal out one evening with a mutual friend! Then on the morning of 13 March, I received a very exciting text to say that Kate had been up since 3am with contractions and that they'd keep me updated. 

As the day progressed it was a bit start, stop, start . . . but I was ready and waiting to go at the drop of a hat. Mid afternoon I, rather stupidly, decided that I'd go on and cook the roast dinner we were meant to have had the day before. Less than an hour later, just as I was putting the fluffiest of potatoes in to roast, I had the text that they were heading into the Midwife Led Unit and would update me once Kate had been checked over and let me know when to go in. Very shortly after, I had a text saying to head on in, so I grabbed my bags and handed the roast cooking duties over to my husband as I left the house!

I arrived at the ward at 16:35, pushed the buzzer to go in and waited for the assisting midwife to come and get me. I followed her to the room where Kate and Simon were. As I entered the calm, dimly light room and looked around the curtain, I was greeted by two completely shell shocked parents and a tiny little one snuggled into their mummy feeding quite happily. 

A beautiful baby girl, Florence, born rather swiftly at 16:15.

Even though Florence couldn't wait for me, I spent the next few hours documenting her first precious moments with her mummy and daddy and what an absolute honour it was! 

Thank you Kate & Simon for letting me share this truly wonderful experience with you. 


If you would like to discuss having your birth story documented, please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you! You can read more about Birth Documentary Sessions here