The Travelling Dress Collective | My Vision with The Champagne Sequin Dress

I’ve seen many travelling dress projects across Instagram now and have always wanted to take part but I’ve never been quick enough to get a place on one. The idea of a group of photographers all taking turns to use the exact same dress in bringing their own unique vision to life sounded like a really fun and creative project.

Then one day back in January, I saw this dress and I just knew that I needed to arrange a travelling dress project of my own! I shared the idea and instantly a number of photographers were keen to take part, within a day, The Travelling Dress Collective came together.

I ordered the dress and the agonising wait began for it to arrive from America. A few weeks later it arrived safely, I let out a shriek of excitement when I unwrapped the dress, it was even more beautiful than it had looked in the pictures!

There was a slight panic as the dress appeared a lot smaller than expected and I knew everyone had started arranging models. I messaged a friend and asked her to pop round that evening to try it on for me, taking her measurements so that I could relay the information, luckily it was going to be fine.

Initially I had planned a boudoir inspired session with the dress, I had my model and venue all sorted but the evening before the shoot my model fell ill. Cue another mad panic!

I had arranged a really strict timeline for the dress as it had to travel between 10 other photographers as well as giving them each enough time to shoot with the dress. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to find someone else at such short notice.

The following day my model got in touch to let me know she was starting to feel better but with no time to rearrange a venue, we decided to head to a local outdoors location instead.

I couldn’t have wished for the session to have gone any better, the location was absolutely perfect for the dress and I’m so pleased with the final results!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post! If you would like to see more from the other members of the collective and the visions they created, please feel free to visit any of their websites below:

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