The Wildheart Sessions | Where it all Began

Back last summer a dear friend of mine was looking at different outfit options for an upcoming wedding. She would send over photos to myself and another friend on our WhatsApp group to ask our opinions.

In amongst a number of options there was a particular dress that caught my eye, I knew instantly that it needed a photo session of its own!

We ended up heading out one Saturday evening at the last minute, roping our other friend into also joining us and off we went on our little road trip with a car full of sweets!

I had no idea what I wanted the end result to be from this session, I just knew that it would be a good opportunity to push myself and shoot creatively. We had such a giggle, laughing from start to finish, and it was the perfect way to spend some time with friends!

I hadn’t really checked much of what I had taken at the time as bad weather was coming in and we were losing light fairly fast, so I just kept shooting before it was time for us all to dry off and head back home with the heating turned up high!

The next day I loaded the images onto the computer and I instantly knew that I had stumbled upon a new session idea . . .

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