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I had roughly known when I would be joining Debbie and Neil to document the arrival of their daughter as an induction had been scheduled. But the original date came and went, with me excitedly rushing to my phone each and every time that it went off. Four days later than originally planned, on Sunday 30 July, Debbie sent me a text just after 09:00 to let me know that they had started the induction and she would keep me updated.

I couldn’t really concentrate on much, so I spent the day pottering around the house, eagerly awaiting an update. We’d not long finished our tea of jacket potatoes, I daren’t risk cooking a roast in case I had to abandon it like last time, when Debbie text to say that things were a lot more painful and intense. As it was a good 50 minute drive to Dorset County Hospital, I made the decision to head on over to Dorchester. I was armed with snacks and magazines, I was more than happy to be in the area, ready to join Debbie and Neil when needed. We kept in touch as the evening went on and at 21:42 I was asked to join them at the hospital. I entered the room to be greeted by the most lovely staffing team and with introductions done, I settled into the background and began documenting their story. 

I watched the intensity build with each contraction, Neil and the midwives each supporting Debbie, then the lull of peaceful quietness would return until the next surge. It was less than half an hour later when the midwife informed Debbie that she could start pushing when she felt ready. I was in complete awe, gritting my own teeth through each contraction, as Debbie worked tirelessly to bring them a step closer to meeting their baby. Pushing through the pain, the self doubt, the tiredness, questioning whether she could do it or not. But she did do it and she did it with the fierceness of determination and love. 

At 22:58 beautiful little Amelia made her entrance into the world with a hearty cry! The relief, the happiness, the emotion, it was all completely overwhelming, I may have even shed a tear myself!

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Debbie and Neil for letting me share this truly incredible experience with them, and for letting me share their story. I can honestly say that it is the most amazing moment I have ever witnessed and I am truly honoured. 

This is one of the most important days of your life that you will never get back. Having it documented will help you relive that moment forever
— Debbie | Sherborne

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