Danielle Reeder Photography, Shoot & Share Contest 2018 Finalist

This was my first year of entering the annual Shoot and Share Contest and it was so much fun! You can enter up to 50 images in total across 25 categories, as I'd left a bit to the last minute, I submitted 14 photos in the end. 

Voting then takes place over the course of a month and is completely anonymous. You are shown a group of four images at a time and you vote on your favourite. This then continues with photos being eliminated as each round comes to an end, until the winners are crowned!

I have to say that the voting does become slightly addictive! And with just over 413,000 images being submitted this year, I only saw one of my own images just the once!

I was absolutely blown away yesterday when I realised that one of my maternity images had placed as a finalist. I also had two enter the top 10% and one for the top 20% of their categories! I'm already looking forward to next years contest! 

I also just wanted to say a huge thank you to my lovely clients in these images and for allowing me to submit them. 

Image of badges gained during the shoot and share contest 2018.

Maternity // Finalist
Place 507 / 18,185

Finalist of maternity category of Shoot and Share Contest 2018

Maternity // Top 10%
Place 1,252 / 18,185

Top 10% of maternity category in Shoot and Share Contest 2018

Babies & Toddlers // Top 10%
Place 2,242 / 28,245

Top 10% of babies and toddlers category in Shoot and Share Contest 2018

Birth & Newborn // Top 20%
Place 5,469 / 29,560

Top 20% of birth and newborn category in Shoot and Share Contest 2018