About Me

Balck and white headshot of Danni Reeder smiling at someone off camera

why, Hello there! 

I'm Danni - wife, mama, obsessive cleaner, music lover, photo taker, fitness part timer and serious chocolate addict! Home is a little village called South Petherton in the gorgeous South West countryside. We also share our nest with our crazy hound Doughnut, his name really does explain it all! 

As well as enjoying long, lazy weekends at home, we do also love a good adventure! We can often be found stomping around a local National Trust property or heading down to the coast, West Bay (AKA Broadchurch) being our absolute favourite! 

I have LOVED taking photos for as long as I can remember! I've always been the one clutching a camera, recording memories to fill countless photo albums! I used to take my films to the local chemist for them to be developed, waiting an agonising week for the photographs to come back, most of them blurry! 

My passion for photography was really ignited with the arrival of our eldest daughter back in 2013 and it has continued to grow since. I wanted to document everything; the everyday, the milestones, special occasions, day trips, holidays, the ordinary, the extraordinary and all the grazed knees in between! 

It is from here that my style naturally headed towards the unposed, unscripted, honest path of documentary photography. I love to document real life in all it's beautiful rawness to tell your story as a family. I want you to be able to look back at your images and instantly be immersed in the feelings, the emotions, and the beauty of your life as it was in that exact fleeting moment. 

Life whizzes by at a scary rate, blink and you'll miss it! That's why I'm so passionate about recording your life as it is at this very moment. Don't put off having your story documented just because you wish you were slimmer, less tired (who's ever not tired with little ones!?), you haven't got round to having your roots done, the list of reasons could go on. Your children certainly won't worry about these things, all they will worry about is the fun that they were having with you and being able to relive that memory through natural family portraits in years to come. 

Want to get in touch? Just hit the button below, it'll be lovely to hear from you!